Advanced Writing of Poetry: Poetic Currencies

English 8530
Poetic Currencies
Section 1
Gabriel Fried

This workshop will be, among other things, an exploration of contemporary poetry's potential for exchange with other generative pursuits, modes, currencies, methodologies, and disciplines, including modern sculpture, Renaissance painting, interior decorating, graphic design, opera, pop music, and hagiography. We will consider the work of a diverse group of creators, perhaps including Michael Bierut, Anne Carson, Piero della Francesca, Christine de Pizan, Prince, George Rickey, Igor Stravinsky, and Michalene Thomas. We will explore how such figures come to bear on our thinking about metaphor and poetic conception and architecture, and consider them and others as springboards for our own work. We will also produce statements of personal poetics, which we will scrutinize over the course of the term and revise for inclusion among a final portfolio.