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Welcome to English 1000English 1000 (Exposition and Argumentation) is the university's required first-year writing course and is the first course in MU's three-part writing requirement. (The additional two courses are writing-intensive courses administered by MU's Campus Writing Program.)

This essential course provides students with the rhetorical foundations that prepare them for the demands of academic writing, especially the kinds of assignments encountered in writing-intensive classes. Students work with sources of various kinds to make claims about issues that are up for debate and to design documents that will appeal to readers. They practice a variety of ways of approaching writing assignments, including ways of gathering sources, taking notes and finding patterns, and producing documents that meet different rhetorical goals.

English 1000 also guides students in the development of rhetorical sensitivity by requiring them to respond to the writing of others and to use the suggestions of their teacher and their peers to improve their own writing.

At its core, English 1000 offers students direct instruction and practice in writing as a process, thinking rhetorically, using sources, and giving and receiving feedback. Students learn to ask questions that matter, to find ways of investigating those questions, and to shape their findings for a variety of purposes and audiences.

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