Recognition and Awards

Award Winning Student Papers

The Mahan First-Year Essay Award

The MU English Department Composition Program seeks candidates for the Mahan First-Year Essay Award. We invite first-year students enrolled in English 1000 for any 2019 or 2020 semester to submit writing projects completed in ENG 1000. We're seeking well-crafted writing that demonstrates an insightful response to the rhetorical expectations of the assignment and engages in interesting ways with the topic. All papers from ENG 1000 are eligible. A $175 first prize and a $100 second prize will be awarded. Winning writers will be invited to present their papers at the MU Celebration of Student Writing, a campus-wide event showcasing writing by students at MU, on Friday, May 1, 2020.

To enter, email the following to Cheryl Hall at 1) the nominated paper as a Word document, 2) the corresponding assignment sheet in Word or PDF format, and 3) the student writer’s ID# and contact information, the semester English 1000 was taken, and the instructor's name.

Only one submission per student. Only winners will be notified.


Previous Winners

Gabriella Salinas (2019): First prize for “First

Colby Thornton (2019): Second prize for “The Best Men Can Be

Destiny Landsman (2018): First prize for “Dialectical Issues In The Classroom

Sara Marquardt (2018): Second prize for “A Face Without a Page

Fanya Sun (2018): Honorable mention for “The Treasure of Chinese Civilization”

N.F. (2017): First prize for “The Boy of Isolation

Faramola Shonekan (2017): Second prize for “Social Media and Activism

Catelyn Williams (2016): First prize for “Why is my Black Culture Only Appreciated When a White Person Is Appropriating It?

Clemency Neville (2016): Second prize for “The 70s and Saturday Night Fever: The Limitations of Hollywood

Homer Gaidarski (2015): First prize for “Learning Computer Science: A Secret Wall of Zeros and Ones

Joseph Henke (2015): Second prize for “Eradicating an Epidemic: How Universities Can Better Protect Women from Sexual Assault

Amy Brianne Schmiegelow (2014): First prize for “The Word Weavers: A Reader’s Influence on Ever-Changing Definitions

Derrick Lin (2014): Second prize for “Bryson: Enlarging Vocabularies for a Fuller Language

Helena Kowalewski (2012): First prize for “Abridging Speech vs. Abridging Lives

McCullough Mischke (2012): Second prize for “Society in Bell, Book, and Candle and Practical Magic"

Emily Rothove (2012): Honorable mention for “What I Learned at the Kitchen Table

Kristine A. Kerns (2011): First prize for "Misfortune: Creating Opportunity, or Impeding Happiness?"

Stephen M. Cady (2011): Second prize for "Ramblin' Woman"

Rebecca Taylor (2010): First prize for "The Collapse of the Nuclear Family"

Hannah Spratt (2010): Second prize for "The Dark Side of the Good Women"