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Karen Piper
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Trudy Lewis
Narrating the Crusades: Loss and Recovery in Medieval and Early Modern English Literature
Lee Manion
Jamaica's Difficult Subjects by Sheri-Marie Harrison
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Literature and Architecture in Early Modern England by Anne Myers
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Is That You, John Wayne?
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Frances Dickey
The Managerial Unconscious in the History of Composition Studies
Donna Strickland
The Legacy of David Foster Wallace
Samuel Cohen
Smoke Signals: Native Cinema Rising
Joanna Hearne
Native Recognition: Indigenous Cinema and the Western
Joanna Hearne
Labov a Guide by Matthew Gordon
Matthew Gordon
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As Good as Mango: Poems
Anand Prahlad


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Patricia Okker
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Bright Body
Aliki Barnstone


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Elaine Lawless
Tabloid, Inc.: Crimes, News, Narratives
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Elizabeth Chang
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April Langley
Our Sister Editors: Sarah J. Hale and the Tradition of Nineteenth-Century American Women Editors
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Julija Šukys
Short Trip to the Edge: Where Earth Meets Heaven--A Pilgrimage
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Tom Quirk
Making the New Lamb Take: Poems
Gabriel Fried
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Scott Cairns
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Anand Prahlad
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Left in the Dust How Race and Politics Created a Human and Environmental Tragedy in L.A.
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David Read
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American History through Literature, by Tom Quirk
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Marly Swick
The Portable Mark Twain
Tom Quirk
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Lacan: Topologically Speaking
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Clenora Hudson-Weems


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