Fuse by Marc McKee
Mark McKee
Black Lawrence Press

How do you make the connections between objects, events and people even as they are ineluctably changing? How do you balance a burgeoning awareness of the marvels and subtractions of History with the demanding influx of personal experience? Marc McKee’s debut full-length collection is a sustained attempt to substitute poems for answers to such questions. Whether in a car crossing the Mississippi River on the way back from a funeral, overhearing the rationalizations of an asteroid from the future, or watching local news, Fuse is what happens when different objects and their particular sensations are bound together by the heat lightning of ticking clocks. It means experiencing the visibly disappearing lines separating sparks from explosions. The speakers in Fuse believe in escape velocities, and people, and rising from crucibles of ash, and salad. This is what happens when you try to get everything to speak to everything else.