Recent Theses and Dissertations

Jonas Cope (PhD 2012), “The Dissolution of Character in Late Romantic British Literature,” directed by Noah Heringman. Cope is currently Assistant Professor of English at California State University-Sacramento.

Thomas Fontana (MA 2011), “Ancient Yet New: William Blake’s Milton: A Poem and the Politics of Antiquarianism,” directed by Noah Heringman.

Luke Gibbs (PhD 2013), “Great Britain and Latin America: The Romantics and the Informal Empire,” directed by Noah Heringman.  Gibbs is currently Associate Professor of English at Evangel University.

Caitlin Kelly (PhD 2013), “Private Devotion, Public Textuality: The British Novel from Defoe to Hardy,” directed by Devoney Looser (now at ASU). Kelley is currently a Lecturer at Case Western Reserve University.

Ruth Knezevich (PhD 2015), “Narrative as Archive: Ethno-Historical Paratexts in British Literature, 1760-1830,” co-directed by Noah Heringman and Devoney Looser (ASU). Knezivich is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow, Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Trust.

Karen Laird (PhD 2011), “Melodrama’s Afterlife: Jane Eyre, David Copperfield, and The Woman in White from the Victorian Stage to the Silent Screen,” directed by Nancy West. Laird is currently an instructor at the University of Salford (UK).

Miranda Mattingly (PhD 2016), “A Circuit of Haunting Pictures: Theorizing the Space of Readership in ‘Condition of England’ Literature and the Periodical Press, 1839-1896,” directed by Elizabeth Chang.

Juliette Paul (PhD 2015), “Transatlantic Geographies of Faith in the Long Eighteenth Century,” directed by Noah Heringman.  Paul is currently Assistant Professor of English at Christian Brothers University, Memphis, TN.

Melanie Pavao (MA 2014), "Pastoral Ballads and Other Generic Hybrids in Lyrical Ballads," directed by Noah Heringman. Pavao currently teaches English at Hanover High School, Fall River, Mass.

Megan L. Peiser (PhD 2016), "British Women Novelists and the Review Periodical, 1790-1820," co-directed by Stephen Karian and Devoney Looser (ASU).

Angela Rehbein (PhD 2011), “Domesticating the Empire: Women Writers and Colonial Discourse in Late Eighteenth-Century British Literature,” directed by Devoney Looser (ASU). Rehbein is currently Assistant Professor of English at West Liberty University.

Eric Russell (PhD 2016), “Nature, Materiality, and Human Agency in the Literature of the Great Lakes from 1790 to 1853,” directed by Noah Heringman.

Alison Rutledge (PhD 2014), “Impressions and Characters: Travel Writing and Narration in the Novel, 1840-1920,” directed by Elizabeth Chang. Rutledge is currently Assistant Professor of English at Columbia College (MO).

Erin Wilson (PhD 2012), “Somatic Subjects: The Pathological Path to Victorian Womanhood,” directed by Nancy West. Wilson is currently Visiting Affiliate Assistant Professor at Loyola University, Maryland.


Heather Asbeck is preparing for comprehensive exams in nineteenth-century literature (major field: Victorian novel). PhD adviser: Elizabeth Chang.

Heather Heckman-McKenna is preparing for comprehensive exams in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British literature (major field: Romanticism). PhD adviser: Noah Heringman.

Brian Rodriguez is writing his dissertation “Beautiful Phantoms: Literature, Reform, and Biopolitics from 1780-1855.” PhD adviser: Noah Heringman.