The English Minor


The English Minor consists of 15 hours of course work beyond the required composition course. It must include at least six hours in courses numbered 3000 or above and may include no more than six hours in special problems, methods or readings courses such as English 4955 and 4960. The English Department conceives of the minor as a flexible and varied program that can be tailored to individual students' needs. Students wishing to minor in English should consult with the English Department's Undergraduate Advisor.



The English Writing Minor


The Writing Minor is a 15-hour course of study designed to help students in all majors and colleges improve their writing and critical thinking skills. It includes at least nine hours in writing courses specified by the department, including six hours in courses numbered 3000 or above. The other six hours may be other writing courses or Writing Intensive courses beyond those WI courses required for graduation. Enrollment in this minor is limited; consult with the English Department Undergraduate Advisor to enroll.