Sheri-Marie Harrison



office: 212 Tate
phone: 573-882-2728
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

office hours: MW 1-2:30pm 
and by appointment


Research and teaching areas:
Caribbean, African diaspora, world, and postcolonial literature, popular culture, film, and cultural studies.


Sheri-Marie Harrison is an Associate Professor of English.  She has published essays in Anthurium: A Caribbean Studies Journal, Modern Fiction Studies, LARBand Contemporaries. Her book Difficult Subjects: Negotiating Sovereignty in Postcolonial Jamaican Literature was published by the Ohio State University Press in fall 2014. 



PhD University of Miami 2008


Courses Taught


Gender and Sexuality in Caribbean Literature and Literary Theory” English 8400


“Contemporary Caribbean Literature and Literary Theory” English 8400


“The Neo-slave Narrative” English 4970 (Capstone Experience)


“African Diaspora Women Writers” English 4480/7480 (Writing Intensive)


“Major Authors: Derek Walcott and Sir V.S. Naipaul” English 4169/7169


“The Caribbean Novel” English 4409/7409 (Writing Intensive)


“Caribbean Literature” English 4409/7409


“Contemporary World Literature” English 4159


“Caribbean Literature and Popular Culture” English 3429


“Consuming the Caribbean” English 3429


“Introduction to African Diaspora Literature” English 2400      


“Caribbean Masculinity” English 2000



Selected Publications

“‘Who worked this evil, brought distance between us?’ The Politics of Sexual

Interaction in Sylvia Wynter’s The Hills of Hebron.” Modern Fiction Studies 59.1 (2013): 156-174.

“‘Yes, ma’am, Mr. Lowe:’ Lau A-Yin and the Politics of Gender and Sexuality in

Patricia Powell’s The Pagoda,” Anthurium: A Caribbean Studies Journal 7.1